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Our team is offering online weekly  English and Yoga classes. We also have amazing worldwide volunteers teaching us about their home countries!


Rurapuk is an indigenous Quechua word that means “one who helps other people.” It’s as simple as that. We help people.

In 2001, three women from the outskirts of Lima began a hot lunch program in a community with few resources called Paraíso Alto. Our history begins here. 

Since then our social services have reached hundreds of children and families. Our roots and history show the importance of collaboration in community, and that our growth comes from the energetic, committed, and compassionate people who have been part of our story.

our philosophical base


Neohumanism is a social-spiritual philosophy developed by P.R.Sarkar that is aligned with Rurapuk’s teaching philosophy. Educational aims of neohumanism are respect, cooperation, rationality, and awareness of self and others. Rurapuk also strives to liberate the mind from dogmas by cultivating critical thinking, which brings us to do good actions in the world. See what we do at our critical thinking program Growing to Think!

we are an

Educational Project

We are a center that provides progressive, high quality, and innovative education to children after school. See our history in the community.

We are an international team from many walks of life.  We want to effect long-term change for the children of Lima.

Our classes train the mind to use analytic and reaonsing skills as well as positive social habits to understand ideas and information in a profound way. 


Happiness is the goal, education is the means

Social service project teaching critical thinking to kids in the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

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