Frequently asked questions about Rurapuk

Rurapuk is a social service project that teaches math, language arts, and science with a focus on critical thinking in it’s center in Lima, Peru. Our methodology encompasses aspects of design thinking, constructivist theories, developmental psychology and neo-humanism.

Rurapuk teaches critical thinking to children ages 7-12 years old in an afterschool program Growing to Think.  We use language arts, math and science as the platform for teaching critical thinking. We also teach yoga and meditation.

Rurapuk is a Quechua name meaning the person who helps other people. And that’s what we do best!

In 2001,  Olga Vega Lindo a mother at age 76 and her two daughters, Martha Rospigliosi Vega and Maritza Rospigliosi Vega from Villa Maria del Triunfo, Peru, started a hot lunch program which was the first Rurapuk program. They were helped by social worker Sandra Huatay Cabellos.

Growing to Think is a program designed by Jesús Vila, who studied philosophy in Universidad Pontificia Católica del Perú. The program, that completed a pilot year in 2017, is in it´s second year teaching critical thinking skills to children from ages 7-12 years old.

Critical thinking trains the mind to use analytical and reasoning skills and positive social habits to understand information, ideas, objects, and concepts.

Children between ages 7-12 in the Paraiso Alto area of Lima. There is no charge, except that we want everyone to do their best!

Our classes are in Spanish, sometimes we mix in some English and even Ancient Greek too!

Meditation and yoga is a practice that builds empathy and self-regulation skills. These skills help form respect for others and to focus better on learning.

The hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30-5:30pm from March to December. We do not hold classes during holidays or vacations.

Rurapuk is in the zone of Paraiso Alto, Villa Maria del Triunfo in Lima, Peru. We are out of the city and into the hills. Come and visit!

We are an eclectic team of people from Peru and the USA, in total there are six of us. We love to  share what we know with others!

Yes! If you have teaching experience with children and you can design an educational or artistic workshop with us, we would love to have you volunteer. This could be for one afternoon or many, depending. It is preferable that you speak Spanish.

Rurapuk is financed by the small company Machu Picchu Stars Peru, SAC., Ananda Marga Taiwan, and other individual donors.

Rurapuk is a project of the Lima-based branch of AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team) a humanitarian and spiritual organization.


Happiness is the goal, education is the means

Social service project teaching critical thinking to kids in the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

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