“I always liked doing things with my hands. Due to my circumstances, I had to become a carpenter and a house cleaner starting at age 14. In 2014, Alicia (neighbor) knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to attend a workshop of reflexology. Rurapuk workshops taught me how to work with my hands. Now, I teach my wife what I have learned, I do free therapy. Rurapuk has helped me learn about the body, to read, and study.” 

- Gerardo Maximo de la Cruz Pillaca, health participant, 2014

Holistic health services for all ranging from vision tests to reflexology. Rurapuk provided dental hygiene and homeopathy consultations, parasite tests, and medical check-ups, to name a few. We enjoyed watching the newly trained children practice reflexology and find pressure points on the trusting feet of the adults!