Afro-Peruvian girl standing in front of her house smiling at the camera

I learned a lot of things, like sharing, understanding other people. For the first time, I went to park Huascar and rode a horse with my brother. It was fun, it was beautiful!

Andrea Sanchez Luarte

on summer camp program

The people in Rurapuk looked after us. It was beautiful for me because it felt like a family, like I was cared for and protected.

Jhosep Daniel Oviedo Cervantes

on tutoring program

Peruvian youth looking at the camera
Happy Peruvian girl smiling at the camera

I learned that we are a happy family. Rurapuk is a place that helps those who most need help, a place that has helped us a lot. When we came from school, they gave us fruits and vegetables.

Karla Alicia Seminario Sales

on hot lunch program

I always liked doing things with my hands. In 2014, Alicia (neighbor) knocked on my door and asked me if I wanted to attend a workshop of reflexology. Now, I teach my wife what I have learned, I do free therapy. Rurapuk has helped me learn about the body, to read, and study.

Gerardo Máximo de la Cruz Pillaca

on health prorgram

Peruvian man smiling at the camera


Happiness is the goal, education is the means

Social service project teaching critical thinking to kids in the outskirts of Lima, Peru.

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