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About us

Rurapuk, a Quechua word from the indigenous people of the Andean highlands, means “the one who helps others.” The act of helping others characterizes the Rurapuk’s humble beginnings. In 2001, four women from three different continents united around one mission: to ease the effects of poverty in Villa Maria del Triunfo, a community on the outskirts of Lima, Peru. They started a lunch program serving hot, homemade vegetarian meals to children in a small wooden shack. Rurapuk started out simple, small, and with a lot of heart. The rest is history.


We respond to the most pressing needs in the community, which is why we promote health and education. Strengthened by real learning, and supported by a nourished body, mind and spirit, the people of Lima will crush all barriers, and stride boldly towards the highest goal. Happiness.


Current Program

Growing to Think

We live in times where how loudly you speak determines the validity of your opinion. Truth means cutting down someone who doesn’t think like you. Success is going after what you want at any cost. In contrast, critical thinking empowers us to rigorously employ skills to understand all we learn in its complexity.

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Past Programs

Board of Directors

We grow together with the community

Juana Mery Oblea Acosta

Roxana Bobadilla Ascuña

Didi A. Muktivrata
Executive Director

Marilena Camarena Crisóstomo 
Vice President

José Junior Dávila
Records Secretary


Work with Us!

Our program Growing to Think is looking for teachers for 2019!

Teach math and language arts to children in Villa Maria del Triunfo using a critical thinking framework developed by Rurapuk. For more information about the application requirements, contact us at